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We will charge your business with financial energy!

Horum S.A. is introducing the Horum Bank Project

A full-service Bank dedicated to Entrepreneurs
keen on growing their wealth.

One platform for easy management
of your finances and business.


Federation as an innovative banking model

The Federation allows the Horum client to have access to all services on one platform necessary to run a business. Through cooperation with business partners from various industries, as part of Horum, it will have access to services such as legal, tax, accounting, insurance, media, etc.

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More than financial management. Horum is about addressing ALL business needs.

At Horum, we are building a financial institution of new generation. We are building a modern solution dedicated to both local and international markets. With us you will make payments, money transfers, and take advantage of a number of innovative products and financial services that will create trends in the world of finance. We are using open architecture and modular approach to build the mobile platform, which will help you set and achieve your financial goals.

At Horum, we understand the importance of security of our clients' financial resources. Because of that we are building the platform on blockchain technology, supplementing it with the highest security standards in the banking sector.

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  • Horum Project

    The whole bank in your hand

    A fully-service mobile banking and business application - transparent, easy to use, and above all, containing all information about the company's business and finance. In addition, with our blockchain technology, it will be possible to access company's finances 24/7/365 - we will never "surprise" our customers with technical outages or delays of any kind.

    • Access 24/7/365
    • Interface adapted to fit individual customer needs
    • Multi-currency accounts
    • Full control of personal and company finances
    • Smart contracts using blockchain technology
    • A vast network of business support resources
  • Horum Project

    Environment that supports your business. Fully.

    Just as the Internet once changed for the better the possibility of communicating globally, we at Horum are creating a business environment to support business development and networking. Advanced systems embedded in the structure of the Bank are built to allow for effective and secure interaction between community members. They will also allow you to conduct business without unnecessary paperwork or formalities, and to create fast and efficient international transfers.

  • Project Horum

    Digital Platform for Business. Safe!

    We are building a Bank that will operate in the Federal and Business for Business (B4B) models and based on the blockchain architecture. We will provide our clients with the greatest possible support through free participation in the exchange of market knowledge. Tokenization will be used as a means of payment in the Horum ecosystem. In addition, smart contracts will allow for safer transactions and establish an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability.

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Forecast values in the 5th year of the Project's operation.

Action plan

As an international organization, Horum will redefine the business model of bank's cooperation with clients, to set new standards in this area. Horum will enter the market in two stages, Fintech and Banking. Horum will be an active creator of the Open banking concept and the PSD2 directive - alongside the function of sharing information, it will be actively acquiring available information from other banks.

    Starting operational activity on the market before obtaining a banking license, growing a customer base and generating the first revenues.
    Obtaining a banking license with the approval of the European Central Bank.
    Building an organizational structure that engages enterprises related to each other through the Bank's platform.
    Creating blockchain networks for Bank customers.


When building an international Bank with the blockchain technology, one thing is certain - as an enterprise and as a team, we are on a path of continuous and dynamic development. If you want to participate, join Horum!

We have lots of business needs, as well as job opportunities, so check our offers and contact us!

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